Web Community Development

I have begun some not for profit work for a website called iamnext. The site is run by a Christian organization called Campus Crusade. The site administrators wish to extend the interactive aspect of the website; more specifically, they wish to create an online community.

My sister has done some writing for the site, and mentioned the new project to me last week. I have a keen interest in web community development and am always anxious to apply what I have learned. I could write a small book on all the things one should NOT do when developing a community, maybe even a large tome.

Every decision made by a community administrator or a group of moderators will affect the community's development. What rules you have, how you choose to enforce them, how much communicaton goes on between the administration, all of this is important. Decide fist what you want the community to look like. What is its purpose? Its intended demographic? Will this or that decision bring you to your goal? If not, what will?

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